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Thread: Jacking up your Jeep

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    Question Jacking up your Jeep

    I recently heard that you shouldn't jack the JGC up by the differential housing because the aluminum case isn't strong enough to support the weight, even causing damage sometimes? Is this true?
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    If you have the aluminum case pumpkins, you should never lift by these. The case can be warped a bit and then the bearings aren't seating properly. It's just best to jack from the unibody points that are designed to take the weight.
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    When using the factory jack, place it where they say to...right under the spring. When using a floor jack, place it as close as possible to the directly under the spring on the axle tube. The drivers' front is usually a problem...just be creative.


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    Couldn't you also use the frame rails? Keeping it close to the axle?
    Then you could place jack stands under the axle or jack from the axle and place the stands under the frame rails ....
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    The FSM says to never put it under the axle but to use the frame.


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    I never liked the idea of jacking under the pumpkin even with a diff with an iron housing, seems like you're concentration too much weight all in one spot, although I know tire shops and mechanics do it all the time.
    I made a pad for my floor jack from some old rubber sheeting I had left over so I can use the floor jack on the frame rails w/o dinging them up every time I jack up the ZJ.

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