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Thread: Rear drums > Rear discbrake swap! 35 vs 44? locking or non-locking?

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    Post Rear drums > Rear discbrake swap! 35 vs 44? locking or non-locking?

    I finally have enough time and money to do the rear axle (rear disc brake) swap.

    I own a 1994 Laredo V8, Quadradrive, with tow package.

    I found a few axles to swap. But i am not sure which is the best one.

    option 1: 1997 zj spicer 44, locking 3.73 $750

    option 2: 1998 zj, spicer 35, non-locking 3.73 $700
    (both have disc brakes on them)

    now the question is, do i have a locking diff now? and how do you tell?

    what is the difference between the 44 or the 35? which is better?

    what is the most direct swap to what i have right now?

    The reason i am doing the swap is because of rear end whine (loud!) and better braking.


    94 Jeep Grand
    Cherokee 5.2 V8
    Laredo. Leather seats
    FLowmaster 50 series
    delta flow, K&N FIPK,
    Goodyear GS-A 30
    x9.5, Piaa Headlights,
    Yakima Loadwarroir.

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    So you're effectively paying $700 for a disc brake setup??? Whoa. Axle #1 is a stronger setup in terms of peak power handling, but those Alum. 44's have lots of problems. Axle #2 is your SAME axle, just with discs.

    I can think of a better way to kill your axle whine and get discs for $700.

    These will both be bolt in, FYI.

    94 V8 ZJ, everything messed with

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    Hmmm bob, does the answer have "ford" and "8.8" in it? Seriously, when my axle goes (or when I win the lottery) that is what I am replacing my 35c with. It is a little tricky to get the brackets just right, and you may need a new driveshaft (driveshaft work + an adapter at the very least), but in the end you are getting a very durable axle with disc brakes.

    - Joe
    '94 Grand Cherokee 5.2L V8, 121k miles, Ford 8.8 w/ POSI, NV242, headers, custom-built 3" stainless exhaust, Mopar Performance ECU, K&N FIPK, custom-built 4 wheel disc brakes, Flowkooler water pump
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