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Thread: 89 YJ Wiring Diagram for Transfer Case Vacuum Hoses

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    Post 89 YJ Wiring Diagram for Transfer Case Vacuum Hoses

    A friend of mine just replaced his transfer case on his 89 YJ. When doing this, he could not figure out what all the vacuum hoses connected to. He is unsure of which hose goes to where. I thought i would be of help by letting him look at my 98 TJ, but everything is different. I was wondering if anyone has a diagram that i could see to figure out which hoses go to where. Thank you very much.


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    I don't know if this will help, but this is what my friend sent me when I had a problem with the vacuum system.


    from the t-case...

    4 hoses
    -red, blue, green, yellow

    red goes to the front and is located under the vacuum
    canister it runs to a one way plug(nipple thingie) it
    then goes to a black line which attaches to the vacuum
    line assmbly behind the valve cover or it will plug
    into the manifold somewhere

    blue is not hooked up to anything but a nipple

    green and yellow run all the way to the axle

    now backwards from the axle....

    the vacumm thingie on the axle has 4 lines
    two yellow one black and one green

    the green is from the back and one yellow
    the extra yellow came from a black turning into a
    yellow with one of those one way valves connecting
    them the other black and the black connecting to the
    yellow both run to the canister(vaccuum thingie)

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    Sent you a diagram someone had sent me

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