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    This morning I get into the Jeep and head to work. About a hundred yards from my house I get a chime and look at the overhead display to see "low coolant level" flashing on the display. I drive down the road to the nearest gas station. I get out. Their water is "out of order" I start the truck back up. Head to the next station, it's out of order too. I get out, check the coolant. There is some sater in the overfill bottle and the chime has never rang again since the initial warning. I know I'm not leaking coolant, and I did notice the coolant in the bottle appeared a little dirty. Any idea what is going on or should I just ignore it unless it happens again. I wouldn't think I'd need a coolant flush on a vehicle less than a year old.

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    I would agree with you that you should not need new coolant. That stuff should last more than a year. However, you live in a hot environment and wheel it pretty hard, so maybe you do need a flush? I noticed that my coolant was a bit below the "full" line the other day. I had never really payed any attention to it before, so I don't know if it is a little low or if it was just never full to start with. who knows


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    Offcamber, I had that warning appear once, and I topped up with coolant. Then it happened again a couple of months later. I checked it out, and discovered a tiny leak in the thermostat gasket.

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