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Thread: What is the most effective way of removing stuck wheel hub bearing

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    Default What is the most effective way of removing stuck wheel hub bearing

    The hub on the front left wheel is completely rusted on, so much so that I'm starting to get frustrated here. I've heard a ton of different methods on getting it off but it seems to me that using a sledge hammer is the easiest way.

    I think I am going to just whack the crap out of it until it comes loose but my concern is the axle bolt that comes out through the middle of the hub. Does this bolt normally move when the hub is not on so when I destroy the bearing it doesn't break as well.

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    Don't worry about the end of the splined axleshaft.
    You can wrap some tape over it and then start beating on the hub
    in a circular pattern. It will come off.
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    Loosen the bolts about 5 turns, then use an extension or pipe between the end of the bollt and another part on the axle as you have someone else turn the steering wheel with the engine runningj.

    This uses the power steering pump as a hydraulic press. Just work it back and forth, moving the bolts out as you go until it's comes out.

    Found out about this method after I destroyed the first wheel bearing when I had to pull it for a bad u-joint. No damage to the bearing assembly this way so it's safe to reuse if still good.

    Have not done this on a WK, but have on ZJs and my Ram 3500. Works like a champ once you get the correct extensions.
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    Air chisel, worked for me


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