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Thread: Airbag light on - does that mean the airbag is not working?

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    Default Airbag light on - does that mean the airbag is not working?

    My airbag light comes on anywhere within 5-10 min. of starting my Jeep Liberty and doesn't go off until the engine is turned off. Does that indicate that my airbag won't work if I'm in an accident? The dealer wants $100+ to check it and if they can't find anything, it will go up from there. Does anyone know what the light really means? Will the airbag still work or should I have it checked?



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    Generally speaking when an indicator light comes on it means there is a problem with that device. If your air bag indicator is on, there is a problem and the air bag will not deploy. Isn't your life worth at least $100? ;-) Take it to the dealer and have it checked out.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. Of course my life is worth more than $100. I just want to be sure it's not something that can be ignored. I don't trust the customer service people who are different everytime I go in, which isn't much.


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    If you have an AutoZone nearby they might have a scanner that will read abs codes and they do not charge for checking

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    My 2000 grand cherokee laredo. Airbag light comes on intermittently when i turn the steering wheel hard left or right. Light goes off when i turn wheel back straight. Both horn and cruise work, so thinking it's not the clockspring. Any ideas? Jeep has 166k on it. Obd2 shows no codes.

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    Clockspring may be loose in the steering wheel

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    I am looking for a clock spring for my 2010 Liberty


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