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Thread: YJ frame for my cj7

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    Default YJ frame for my cj7

    I just boust a YJ frame for 1980 cj7. Other than the body mounts and mounting the grill, is there anything else I need to worry about before starting this. I springs look like they are going to mount on the axles further out, doesn't look like a problem to me, but didn't want to go through my axles if I need to go ahead and replace them anyway.

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    I helped a buddy put a YJ tub on a CJ frame. It was a lot of work and I remember his heater did not fit in the YJ dash and we had to fab a front radiator support. I thought the rest of the body mounts lined up, but its been 5-6 years so I'm not sure.

    But the main thing is that the YJ frame is wider than the CJ frame. Besides axles your skid plate won't work, the steering box mounts different. Don't forget the whole drivetrain is offset to the driver's side in a CJ so the transfer case will clear the frame. Sounds like a project
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    most of the body mounts line up except for a few. If i remember correct the ones that are right before the rear tire do not line up. the yj frame is wider so you will have to mess with a few of the mounts. I believe it 4inches wider in the front and 6 in the back so your turning radius wont be as good since your front tires are gonna hit the leaf springs when you try to turn. hope this helps. i will try to post more stuff as i remember. good luck

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    Sounds like you might already be savvy to the difficulties of mounting the CJ grill on the YJ--definitely requires trimming the corners of the grill or a body lift.

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    Your CJ fuel tank will probably not fit into the YJ frame as well. If you use a YJ tank the filler hoses will be on the wrong side. The inside of the front wheel wells will not line up nicely with the frame either. Your CJ axles will be too narrow. Depends on the engine but the I6 exhaust is on the opposite side as a CJ.

    To make best use of the YJ frame you should think about using the drivetrain from the YJ. Then you can use the track bars and such from the YJ.

    If all you were looking for was a stiffer frame the CJ frame can be made stronger.

    Good luck with your project. I'd like to see how you go, seriously not sarcastically.

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    With a YJ tub on a CJ Frame you can spin the gas tank 180 degrees to make the fuel filler work, probably work the other way in a YJ. Here in the Mid-Atlantic lots of guys but YJ tubs on CJ frames with minor issues (including me) because our (Jeep) bodies all rust out. If you CJ tub is in good shape go for it. OR would it be less work in the long run to buy a complet YJ and just swap a CJ front clip and dash in.
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