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Thread: EGR v EVAP Solenoid ?

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    Default EGR v EVAP Solenoid ?

    Can someone show me pics of the egr solenoid and the evap solenoid for a 97 grand cherokee limited with 5.2l V8?

    None of the pics I've found look anything like what I have.

    What seems to be my egr solenoid looks like just a diaphragm with vac lines 180deg from each other and an electrical connection and is located by the egr valve and the distributor.

    What seems to be my evap solenoid is a vertical part with electrical connector on the bottom with two vac lines stacked vertically above it and is mounted to the rear of the drivers side fuel rail.

    I need to know which is which to properly route missing vac lines.

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    Um, AFAIK 95 was last year for EGR?

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    Solenoids were what I thought they were. I reconstructed the missing vac lines and all seems far. Before doing this it and with 1 manifold port open to atm, it ran rough when cold and fine after warming up. If I simply plugged the open port, engine would stall when warm (dont know what it would do when cold..didnt try that). After reconstructing the vac lines, and after giving the pcm a few starts and warmups to re-learn the sensors, it now runs fine in all conditions. Me happy. If all remians fine, I will not post on this thread again.

    BTW, this 97 5.2 DOES have egr.
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