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Thread: Looking at a 04 Rubi

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    Default Looking at a 04 Rubi

    I went to check out a 04 Rubi tofay She is stock
    Over all she is in good condition.
    Owner seems like a honest fellow. One owner car. Auto Hard top Full hard doors. 61,000 miles
    Includes a warn winch that need service and a wired trailer hitch
    Car fax shows one accident(minor fender bender according to the owner)
    And that the car was stolen and recovered(overnight joy ride per the owner)

    Here are the issue's/problems I saw
    Drives door lock works but the top part is popped out of the door due to a theft attempt
    I assume one could take the inner door panel off and fix this.

    needs tires right away-will not pass NYS inspection with current tires

    rear locker would not activate -light kept flashing.

    No service records Owner said he took it to the dealer and they did what had to be done-did not keep receipts. So all fluids would need to be replaced as well as plugs wires and belts.

    dealer replaced tranny under warranty.The owner is not sure if he has the receipt.

    Last we talked price the owner would take 13,500 All the issues above were known except for the rear locker not activating and the dealer tranny replacement.

    I'm not sure what the rear locker issue could be and how that would impact the price.

    Here is a pic

    I'm thinking of offering 13,250 and going up to 13,500.

    Any advice is appreciated
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    Ask the owner for the vin number, go to your local dealer and ask one of the service writers to run a service report on the vehicle. They can pull up any repairs performed under warranty.
    I find it hard to believe that he wouldnt hold onto the service records, especially regarding the trans.
    Also before making an offer think about additional expenses that are gonna come out of your pocket.
    The 245/75/16 goodyear tires arent cheap. about 215.00 each.
    The rear air locker isnt servicable, so if there is a problem you are looking at approx 1400.00 for the locker plus labor. You could always install an ARB for half the price.
    I recently picked up an 05 rubi unlimited for 13500.00. it had 52k and was in mint condition with both hard and soft tops.
    Owner was asking 16500.00.
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    I think the price is a little high, I'd try for 12 range. I don't like the theft recovery thing. Did that show in car fax or does it have a rebuilt title.

    If you do buy it and need tires, email me, I'm in Suffolk and have a set of rubi takeoffson a shelf in my garage with <1k on them and will make an offer you can't refuse.
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    He supplied receipts for the tranny and other work the dealer had done for him.
    The theft did show on the carfax. Title is clear.

    There is a deal on Goodyear Duratracs that I can get each for 160 installed.
    Price includes two rebates.

    We negotiated a price of 12,750 if my mechanic clears the rig. Having it checked out this Sunday if it clears I'm going for it. If not I walk
    2000 TJ 6 Cyl 5 5 speed Dana 44 rear 3.73 gearing.
    2.25 BB. 33x12.5 Duratracs on Procomp Alloy wheels

    2002 Liberty LTD

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    I looked at it on ebay myself as for around here the price for a Rubi is pretty good but after reading his whole story I just didn't care to chance it, I had a bad feeling about it and have since unbookmarked it . I'd rather pay a little more and sleep better knowing it truly is right and has a better chance of not being beaten to death .
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