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Thread: how to replace injectors in v8?

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    Icon922 how to replace injectors in v8?

    i have a p0303 and i want to replace injector #3.
    What are the steps of doing so? Should i just unscrew 4 screws from fuel rail and try to lift it up?
    I need some instructions.
    its 2002 WJ

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    I pulled the fuel pump relay out when I did mine. The rail won't just lift out with all the injectors attached to it. It's going to take a bit of pulling and prying. Just make sure you're carful prying the rail up. You can bend and crimp it easily. Try and pull the one corner up where cyl number 3 is. Put a little oil around the injector O rings to help with the install.
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    Yes just unbolt and carefully wiggle out the rail. Then he injectors are clipped in, push out the clip and the injector should pop out.
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    and be careful you dont loose clips or crap down the injector bores... Use rags.

    When reassembling, put the clips on the rail first, then the injectors "snap" into the clips.

    Be sure to lube the o-rings well when reassembling, and bolt the rail down tight.

    I have found clogged injectors on 4 different WJs, all with a fine "black dust" like very fine sand. Pop out all the injectors, invert them and tap gently on a paper towel on a bench. Watch and see if you get a little pile of black dust. Then clean out with injector cleaner spray, reassemble.

    Has worked for me 4 different times. 4.7 and 4.0.... Each time on the 4.7 was injector #2.
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