I have a 1988 Dodge Dakota (2WD) with an open rear differential. Being Chrysler I guess both Jeeps and Dakotas used a 5-lug 4.5 bolt pattern, I have not taken my current axles dimensions as of yet. I'm thinking a Cherokee, Wrangler or Comanche axle might measure up but does anyone know if the yoke on a Jeep axle will bolt onto a Dakota drive-shaft?

My buddie told me I will only find an LSD rear differential in an 87-89 "upcountry" Cherokee? Is this true? What years and packages for Wranglers and Comanche's? He also said they put more LSD's in 4 cylinders? I'm guessing the Wagoneer's axle is way to long...

Are there any Jeeps/packages that have a stock locker in the rear?