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Thread: Automatic transmission downshifts

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    Default Automatic transmission downshifts

    I'm new to this site. I just bought my second jeep. My first was a 2000 cherokee limited 4.0L automatic. Drove it for 250,000 miles until a deer ended it's career. A great jeep.

    My newer jeep,2004 Grand cherokee limited 4.7L automatic with 99,000miles, has been downshifting at round 55-70mph under almost any condition. The O/D is "on". I get a rpm increase of about 250 then upshifts back. It does this 5-10/minute but it's random. If I drive under 50mph or over 70 this doesn't happen as often. Could this be the throttle position sensor? Some kind of O/D lock/unlock condition or other etc?

    Can you guys give me a few ideas if what this maybe.

    3/5/12 Update: I changed the throttle position sensor and have been driving it around for the last 2 days under all of the above said conditions and no shifting out of, and back into O/D. Case closed!!!

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    Default Automatic transmission downshifts

    Try it! 1st & 2nd gear are for towing weight of 1000 lbs or more. so how were it kill the transmission, if there's no weight? the car would slow down somewhat and problely jerk when put back in drive....


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