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    Hello all,

    My son and I recently picked up a 1942 MB which is kind of rough shape and we are looking to modernize it a bit. The original engine has been replaced somewhere along the line, not sure exactly besides a 4 cyl currently resides in it, but otherwise appears to be all original. we would like to give it a slightly wider stance and add disc brakes to it , so what axles would you alll recommend to replace the originals? We are also looking to maybe add a small block Chevy for more power. All suggestions/opinions are welcome.
    Thanks for your input in advance!

    Here is a pic...

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    looks like a good project. as for a engine, i have a 350 sbc in my 55 M38A1, its a tight fit but back when it was done thats what you used, sbc. the best swap would be a v6, small be great for upper rpm. as for axles, well im still running the stock axles front and back, with a power-loc in front and a lockright in back. i did break a rear axle and also broke a front, but that was me being stupid and after 20 + years of use, most of my four wheeling is rock crawling. the axle breaking was speed shifting, for the rear, and trying to do a cling and jerk to get a neighbor out of being stuck in the sand. but if you want to upgrade just measure and go to the junk yard. there is a disk brake conversion for the stock dana front axle, parts off this and parts off that. dont really remember but theres plenty of sites that list what you need.
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