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Thread: are the RPM's high? 2100@60 mph

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    Default are the RPM's high? 2100@60 mph

    I just started driving our 2006 Commander after my wife had it for a few months. On the highway todayi noticed the RPM's seem a little higher then i remember. We were cruising at 60 mph and the RPM's were 2050-2100- in that area..
    is that high?

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    What engine do you have, and have you flahspaq'd it, or done any other mods? Wheels, tires, tranny, axles, all still stock?
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    5.7L Hemi, everything is still stock.... and since i don't know what flashpack'd means, I will assume I have not done that.

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    My V6 turns 2000 at about 70, so it seems high. Is overdrive turned off?


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