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Thread: 2" lift kit for Grand Cherokee zj

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    Icon928 2" lift kit for Grand Cherokee zj

    I just bought an 1997 ZJ and I need a 2" lift kit for the car.

    I just saw a No Name kit on ebay for $299 are those any good?

    Or should I buy OME kit? Or something else?

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    This is just my opinion but the only kit I've seen thats got all the best parts is the OME. Its a spring lift and comes with all the little odds n ends to make it a system.
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    i got the IRO 2" budget boost, its cheap and i love it!, i suggest new spring isolators and honestly..longer shocks.. i need some upgraded shocks because i can hear them "bottom out" over larger bumps
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    I have been looking at the OME Complete Suspensions for my ZJ as seen here:
    The "Plus size" OME full Suspension kit would be my pick to get ca.2.5" lift for my car.
    I´m looking to run ca.30" tires (275/75-16).
    Does any one here have the OME full Suspension kit? Recommendation?

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    If all you wish is for 30s then all you need is a 2 inch lift.

    A 2 inch spacer budget boost is the most cost effective lift method because you do not need to change ANY other components.

    You can find the spacers only for 50-75 dollars, add in bump stop extensions (recommended but not required) raises it to about 100 dollars...

    You can do a lift by yourself in the driveway in just a few hours.


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