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Thread: Need rear suspension help with towing

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    Default Need rear suspension help with towing

    I have a '06 5.7L HEMI Commander which I've installed an Old Man Emu 2" suspension lift with HD coil springs on the rear. At times, I may tow a boat, pop camper or ATV trailer all with varying tongue weights. I’ve tried Air Lift 1000 coil spring inserts which failed miserably…twice. I need to adjust the ride height on the Commander depending on the load being applied to the hitch. A leveling hitch is too restrictive and won’t work as I’m off-road with two of the trailers quite often. On line, I’ve found Firestone “Coil-Rite” makes a coil spring insert which may or may-not not work any better than the Air Lift 1000’s I’ve already tried and Max-Air shocks by Monroe look like they might work. If anybody out there has any experience with either of these two options or maybe a better idea, I’d like to hear it.

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    How did the Air Lifts fail?

    We put them in our old Grand Cherokee with good success but that thing was a road queen though.
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