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Thread: Drag Racing XJ's

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    Default Drag Racing XJ's

    After years of drag racing mustangs I finally decided to go wild and get into drag racing Jeeps. The inspiration for this came from a friend that has an SRT Jeep and has been running 12's while still being able to haul the kids to soccer practice and fit the grocery shopping while my mustang can barely fit myself comfortably.

    I used to be a chevy guy, so after reading on how easy a chevy conversion is in XJ's I decided that I would do it. With the abundance of aftermarket for Jeeps and the history of the chevy small block it is actually much cheaper to build a Jeep than it is to build almost any year mustang.

    So my plans include:
    Purchase of any year XJ that has a clean rust free/accident free body and decent interior and in 2WD platform.

    V8 conversion; 383 stroker and TH400 with a 9"ford.

    After reading tons and tons of posts and searching on the topic, it sounds like a winning combination.

    I have tons of questions that have not been answered from searches. Mainly technical things, such as dimensions of custom driveshafts, where to get a custom driveshaft made, and suspension setup for drag racing a Jeep.

    Any advice or help would be appreciated, and if anyone has had success in drag racing XJ's I'd love to hear about it!

    I would love to see the look on people's faces at my local track when they see a boxy Jeep roll up to the line!

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    Good luck, please share pictures of your work when you do that project
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    Default A/C Compatability

    Has anyone ever done a SBC swap in a Jeep and had Air conditioning? If I got all the donor hardware off of a junker to have the brackets and the compressor does anyone know if you can rig the high pressure and low pressure line from existing Jeep A/C to the chevy compressor? Wiring power would be the easiest part I suppose.

    It would be nice to cruise the streets with A/C and go to the track and still have fun!


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