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Thread: Help--crazy electrical problem

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    I am totally now to JU and have a 2008 Jeep Commander with a 4.7 Litre engine in Asia. My left headlight went out but when I took off the wire to get it out I needed some pliers to get if off. So I reconnected the wires and NOW my windows won't roll down, horn does not work and nor will my windshield wipers work! I took off the light today and the light is still good. I replaced it anyway but no luck. I disconnected the negative on the battery in case the computer needed to be re-set (just a stab in the dark) but no luck. I for got to add one thing. It will just die from time to time for no reason, normally at low speed but starts up straight away. It sounds like a fuse but I am not sure. Anyone had this issue before. There is no Jeep dealer where I live so I need to sort it out asap on my own. Thanks for the help in advance.
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    You should be recieving a code from the computer indicating a problem. The check engine light should be on when the engine is operating.

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    Default Crazy electrical problems.

    Hi Atyrau,
    I have a 2004 Jeep Grand 2.7 CRD with the Mercedes motor and have had crazy electrical things and error messages with this vehicle and with a ZJ years earlier.
    Some months ago a NEW battery simply solved all my electrical problems and what I was told by several professionals were serious gearbox and torque converter issues. Apparently electrical sensors are very sensitive to voltage requirements and incorrect voltage triggers error messages to the engine computer system which seems to default into "safe" mode/s etc. Power windows, power mirrors and many other things can all go crazy and malfunction when there is actually nothing wrong with them.
    My problem was simply a four year old battery which was not giving me any starting problems to indicate I had a poor battery. However, from the moment the new battery was installed EVERYTHING worked perfectly with no error messages, and thousands of dollars saved in not pulling out a perfectly good gearbox and torque converter.
    These problems are not unique to Jeeps either.
    I have also personally noticed that if after I turn the ignition "on" and then hesitate for the dash lights to settle down, and then turn the key fully to 'start" position that any "crazy" issues are significantly avoided. I think this momentary wait (whilst I belt up) both gives the diesel glow light a moment to go out, as well as for the "sentry key light" and "ABS" and other checks to fully complete.
    Good luck,

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    I had crazy flickering lights, head lights wont work, all kinds of stuff. I replaced the headlight stalk and have had no issues since. This is on my 06 limited hemi w/ nav. Not sure this is your issue but it was mine.
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