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    Hey guys. I want to start building an offroad rig to primarily use in and around Vermont. I have a 99 WJ, with the I6 4.0. Runs great. Im debating if its worth building this for an offroad rig used in the Northeast (Primarily all wooded trails, steep rocky ledges, some mud etc...) I was thinking 6 in body lift, 35s, some body armour, and bumpers to start with. Then possibly upgrade Diffs, lockers, winch, intake, beadlocks etc... Do people think this is a worthwhile build or should I trade it for a CJ/TJ. Any and all opinions and explanations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    a CJ or TJ will work good or get a WJ with a V8.

    the 4.0 in the WJ is OK but with the added weight the WJ/4.0 becomes a dog

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