Farmington BLM - Glade Run Recreation Area/Chokecherry Canyon

The Farmington Field Office (FFO) of the BLM has extended the scoping comment period for the Glade Run Recreation Area (Chokecherry Canyon) until September 30th. This gives everyone another chance to let the BLM know how we feel about this latest attempt to further restrict motorized recreation in the Glade.

Meant to comment but missed the original deadline? Think of something else to say? This is your big chance! You now have until September 30th. Scoping comments are to tell the BLM how you would like to see the Glade be used.

The BLM has never made any serious attempt to implement the existing management plan. They never designated trails, signed them or monitored use. Now, even without monitoring, they somehow 'know' that changes in the use and increased 'user conflicts' require a new plan. We know that the accusations of 'user conflicts' are the standard strategy to get motorized creation thrown out of an area. Don't let them get away with it in the Glade.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "The world is run by those who show up"? Never has it been truer than in the Glade. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the BLM understands that motorized users want and need the Glade as a place to play and we are ready and willing to fight to keep OHV access to the area.

Scoping comments are EASY. Just tell the BLM what form of recreation you enjoy in the Glade, that they should implement the existing plan, and that motorized recreation is growing (not shrinking) so they should plan for that growth.

Visit the NMOHVA website at for information on how to send in your comments. Remember, the comments are due by September 30th!