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    Default Harbor Freight MIG maybe I am a little crazy BUT
    About 3 months ago I got a 150 amp 220V MIG from HF...before I bought my Lincoln 180 MIG. I never could get the thing to work right. So I took the first one back and got another one. I messed with it today and had the same problem. No fan, no wire feed, no arc. I took the side panel off of it and what did I find? The instructions don't tell you a thing about how to wire up the 220V male plug on the end of the AC power feed. I had to trace it all out. Turns out that they reversed the green and white wires. I reversed them in the plug and PRESTO!!! IT WORKED LIKE A CHAMP!!!!

    I know it isn't a Lincoln or a Hobart machine, but I have to give this machine its props. It lays down as flat a bead as my Lincoln and doesn't skip a beat. I laid the first weld down with it and I have to say I was genuinely surprised and a bit impressed. It didn't lose arc and the wire feeds just as smoothly as any other MIG I have ever used.

    Soooo...if any of you guys are out looking for a cheap, all-purpose 220V MIG, go to HF. The store here in Shreveport is having a sale this weekend and you can get it for under $200...reg price is $299. Get the extended warranty too. They WILL honor it. I had no troubles at all getting them to straight-up exchange mine using the extended warranty.

    Just my 2-cents-worth. Maybe I got lucky and got a good machine. Either way, I was impressed with how easily it worked once I got the plug wired up right. They should put that in the directions instead of telling you to have a qualified electrician install the plug.
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    Thanks for the review, do you run it with gas or is it a flux core wire only machine?
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