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    Ok new the forum. Lots of info here i like and i hope you can help me. I have owned an 08 commander with 4.7 for the past 6 months with 26000 miles on it and love it. I have a problem with oil consumptiom. My oil light was comming on only after driving 2400 miles after an oil change. I was 4 quarts low. not good in my opinion. The dealer is telling me that it should use 1 quart per 1000 miles. still dosent add up why am i 4 quarts low. In the 6 months i have had it I have had the cat replaces EGR valve replaced radio/nav system flashed along with the trans flashed. good thing for warrenty. Its my first time owning a jeep and have not been happy. does anybody else have this problem. Do I have to start driving around with a couple qts extra oil around on a fairly new truck or what.

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    1 qt in 600 miles is real bad. No wonder that the cat died it got flooded with oil which ruined it. You definatly have an engine problem. Is it still under warranty?

    If it is the dealer will want to do a consumption test where they fill it and let you drive it then they check to see how much it used.


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