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    I'm brand new here and to Jeeps, so I have a newb question for you Jeep Sages/teachers. I'm into Dodge Ramchargers currently, but a bit different than most, I have a 2x4 modle going for the ProStock look. I believe I'm about to trade my boat for a 78 CJ7 with the 304 motor, and I was wondering if it's worth rebuilding back to stock or better doing a bowtie swap? I'm an old guy, 60, and my ricky racing days are somewhat past me, so I really expect to give this CJ mild abuse, say in the form of dirt roads or across a hill or two, but nothing heroic. How would a fresh 304 stand up to that? The next question comes of ignorance of AMC products. I'm sure you heard about something a 'first time', well this is mine so be kind. Is the three motors 304, 360 & 401 the same basic block/heads thing , something like Dodge has with the 273, 318, 340 and then the 360 with swappable things between the Mopar family of small blocks. The only AMC I ever knew of was a 401 in a Javelin, like a 68 or 69 or so, just after highschool days. It was Fast, the guy raced it at the Orange County Raceway back when it existed in So Cal. So if you could, tell me briefly about the AMC motors...............Thanks ...Rich

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    Fellow old guy here - it's been years so check around with those still running these.

    I've had a 304 CJ, 1 304 Javelin and 2 401 Javelin AMX's.

    Sadly AMC Corp. was running on fumes (crack fumes...) in the management department & was well into cutting corners in the early 70's. What their engineers were smoking is beyond comprehension... still, anyone who's ridden in a 401AMX and didn't risk pissing their pants was likely a speed junkie. Those motors could flat put a Javelin down the road. They had a bad habit of tearing out the rear shock mounts on one side off the line - just ripped them clean thru the trunk floor. (Crappy design combined with wheel hop.)

    I once saw a 401 GREMLIN X at a local cruising strip. Yep - a FACTORY 401 Gremlin! Kid tore the driveshaft out doing holeshots - don't think dad let him drive it twice. I damn sure wouldn't... I'm just trying to visualize what I would have done with a Gremlin stuffed with 401cu ! (Likely 5-10 years after the cops caught me! )

    The motors are good - just have the issue of maintaining an older design that doesn't have as many 'bowtie' parts available. You can mix and match cranks & other goodies if you are into strokers - intake issues though. Weak point of the motors is the crappy cast pot-metal timing cover with the integral oil pump housing. AFAIK you can still get those aftermarket. If you could find a 401 to swap in there you could have a LOT of fun with that CJ and no one looking at the engine would be the wiser that it's not a 304.

    If your CJ has an automatic tranny beware the rear transmission mount on the transmission itself! Mine snapped off and basically made useless an otherwise good transmission.
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    My buddy had a 304 in his yj on 1 ton axles and 5.38 gears and could not spin the tires offroad from lack of torque. The 304 are usually not the perfered engine. As for the 360 I had one in my cj and it was a great engine that I never had problems with. The 401 is better but harder to find. Most of them (if Im not mistaken) came from the factory with steel cranks as apposed to the cast in most other engines. But as far as a chevy swap...... you can build the engines cheaper with more torque and power as apposed to any other engine out there. I use to race nothing but chevys but got bit by the jeep bug and never looked back. Im more of a 4cyl guy that relys on driving skills instead of power and money. If your a die hard jeep guy go with a 360 or a 401 if you can find one. Because once you figure in all of the modifications to swap a chevy in and labor cost (if you dont do it yourself) it would be cheaper to stay AMC.
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    A 304 should be fine for a cruiser. Play with the timing and put a decient exhaust on it to improve power some. A 360 would be more fun as would a 401.

    Heres a secret: If 401 shopping forget about the AMC section at PicAPart since everybody else has already been there looking for a 401.

    In 1974 and 1975 International used the AMC401 in Pickups and Travelalls. They called it a 400. I believe the 401 was only used in 1/2 ton trucks and Travelalls and 3/4 ton and better got the real IHC engines.


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