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Thread: 98 XJ stuck shut hood

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    Default 98 XJ stuck shut hood

    I have a 1998 XJ with the hood stuck shut. ANy ideas? I think the cable is frozen or broken. How the heck do I get in?!
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    Well if the cable is broken your definatly in a pinch. Wonder if you can reach from underneath between the radiator & block with pliers and pull the cable enough to release the latch. Or maybe trip the latch with some kind of small hook.
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    Many of us have been there and done that. We've even posted about it on a multiple of times.

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    Look up top in the Master Sticky List... Under "Body", 4th link. It's not a horrible job to fix, or at least open the hood... but ya might as well fix it when ya open it!

    Here ya go: - 4th down under the "Body" heading.
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