Johnson Valley

Johnson Valley in Southern California is the home of the Hammers trail system, and home to the famous King of the Hammers. It is a mecca for hard-core off roading, and is much harder than the Rubicon trail, and just as important to the OHV community. People from all over the world literally travel to the hammers to wheel. Furthermore, many 4x4 companies aslo test thier products at the Hammers.

29 Palms Marine Corps base to the East of Johnson Valley wants to expand in size. Instead of expanding east into useless wilderness areas, they want to go West into Johnson Valley with the hopes that the OHV community will not put up much of a fight.

The loss of this area would hurt the entire OHV community.

We can't let them expand West.

What we are asking you do do:

We have set up a letter generator with pre-loaded arguments (Topic sentences) Please select an argument, add 1-2 of your own sentences and send it.

The link is here:

We are trying to get 20,000 letters to HAND DELIVER to the Marine Corps. Since Last Friday night, over 2,000 have been sent.