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Thread: Replacing a washer pump - with Pics

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    Default Replacing a washer pump - with Pics

    I had to replace the front washer pump on my 1997 Country. I wasn't exactly sure where the silly thing was but do to a little research on the forum I learned it was inside the front driver-side well well behind the lining. There wasn't a good step-by-step that I could find and it seemed that this was becoming something that others were having to do. So to give back to this forum I decided I would take a pics and share what I learned.
    First, you do not need any tools other than a small flat head screw driver and a pair of common pliers. The pump can be had from any auto parts dealer for about $15. The ones that come from the auto parts store has a connector changer to plug directly into the harness on the Jeep. If you get the part from the dealer you may not have this part and it will look just like the one you are replacing - but not as rusty.

    So on to the project. It is highly advised to remove the front wheel to do this. I expect it can be done with the wheel on why give yourself the grief. So remove the wheel and then you need to take off the well liner. It is held on by 7 of the plastic 'christmas tree' push in fasteners. They are all towards the inside of the Jeep. If you break one getting it out you will not be alone. They are a drag to get out. Use the flat head to start the fastener out and then grab it with the pliers to pull it out. I had a few that fought my some - but I won. After you get them out pull down on the inside lip of the liner and work it out by pulling it down and out. After you get it out look toward the headlights and this is what you will find:

    There are two pumps. They are not labeled as you see. I did this after doing some testing. The upper one is for the rear and the lower is for the front. I am only replacing the front. I don't care about the rear and did not buy two pumps. In hindsight I wish I would have and do both at once.

    To get the pump out you need to pull firmly out and down and the nose of the pump will pull out. Be advised that all the fluid that is in the reservoir will come out also. A bucket to catch it all would be helpful to avoid a mess or if you want to reclaim it. You also want to remove the black grommet that is still attached to the tank. Disconnect the wires and the hose to the windshield and you should have something like this:

    The pump looks like this after the connectors are made. There is a little plus on the connector that tells you where to put the red wire. It works the other way but I am not sure if it will go the correct way. (Suck instead of pump.)

    To reassemble start by putting the new grommet in the tank. A little bit of Vaseline helps a lot here as well as helping to get the pump in as well. Lubricant is always a good thing. Use a small amount. Coat the entire part.

    Connect the wires and the hose and then push the nose of the pump into the grommet. The pump should slide right in. It should look like this:

    Put a little more fluid in to cover the nose of the pump and test it. If fluid squirts out you are good to go.
    Neatness counts so tidy up the wires and hose so it doesn't rub the frame and you are ready to put the liner back in. This is a little tricky. Start by getting the lip between the sheet metal and the ferring and work it around. Then remember to put the wheel back on.

    Hope this helps. Cheers! john
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