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Thread: Exhaust Manifold - Broken studs on a 4.7 V8

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    Icon911 Exhaust Manifold - Broken studs on a 4.7 V8

    Two years ago I had 4 broken studs on my 4.7 V8 in my '06 Commander. I replaced all the studs and hardware which were factory Jeep parts I got from my local dealer. I stripped, sandblasted and milled the original exhaust manifold and re-installed it with NO gasket. Now two years later I have one
    broken exhaust manifold stud. Is there a way to fix the problem. I called the Jeep customer / technical service department and they have no clue. I
    just want to fix the problem ONCE, not every two years. Any ideas ? I put about 50 to 60,000 miles on the Commander for business per year and would really like to solve this issue.

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    I used flex pipe before the cat that helps absorb the most of the vibrations that cause pipe to break manifold
    its like a shock absorber in a way


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