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Thread: wiredhdh Switch Panel System Giveaway!!!

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    Default wiredhdh Switch Panel System Giveaway!!!

    Contest Giveaway,

    Direct from the factory, USA made Flat Switch panel system. 8 switch, programmable, flat switch panel system!

    If you want a chance, go to our facebook page and "like" it. Then find the giveaway post and comment on it. Thats all!!/pages/Wir...66861113343250

    We will be doing the drawing February 18th 2011.



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    I posted so I'm in
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    Default What you would win:

    Here is what you would win!
    1 full switch panel system. $399.99 value

    Comes with a heavy duty programmable switching system that is water resistant, rated for 1million button presses per switch, UV protected, and protects agains overloads, and low voltage conditions. ( See more about it here

    Installation Kit to install it in your vehicle

    600 legends for customization.


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    That's pretty cool. I like it.
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    wouldn't it be nice if they had the courtesy to post up the winner?
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