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Thread: 2000 jeep grand cherokee running hot PLEASE HELP

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    Default 2000 jeep grand cherokee running hot PLEASE HELP

    Ok guys i have a 00 jeep grand cherokee with the 4.0 I have recently been having probs with it running hot.. here is what it does,, Seems to be fine setting there at idle but seems when i take it for a drive it wants to overheat but if it starts to overheat pass normal ill throw it in neutral and rev it up to i dunno 4k and the temp will go back down then from that point on it doesnt seem to run hot well it hasnt yet.. ok here is what ive done i replaced the thermostat and i tested it to make sure it opened at 195 before i put it in ok i fig next step would be check the water pump so i pulled it off and its perfect i fig the plastic might be slipping on the shaft but nope its tight,, ok so i did a compression check all cylinders are at 120 to 150 so thats good,, also i got it up to temp and shut it off then felt the clutch fan it seems fine to also guys keep in mind the temps here have been the the lower 30's and under latley sometimes down in the single digits..... is the electric fan suppose to kick on to cool or is it just for the ac??? because its never come on but at these temps i wouldnt think u would even need fans in my cummins i have no fans on it right now and it never goes above normal even pulling 15k. ... So please guys read over this and any help would be greeeeeeat!!!!!! also i just flushed out the whole system but have yet to be able to drive it to see the outcome just wanted to go ahead and fig out what you guys thought.... thanks so much

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    try reposting this in the WJ section

    don't know if it is your problem, but 4.0s have trouble with the fan relay, behind the bumper/headlight area. read up on fan relays.

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    ya i did some reading on this but i called a ase mechanic and he said on mine that the fan was just for the ac so i dunno.. ill repost it over there and hopefully get some help thanks


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