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Thread: San Diego - Need trans help/suggestions

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    Default San Diego - Need trans help/suggestions

    my 00 WJ 4.0 2wd tranny went out - lost reverse and OD is whining.

    I went to Ecology Auto Wrecking but couldn't find a single WJ, let alone a worthy donor. Too bad as they only charge $107 for any tranny.

    Anyone have suggestions? Looking for a low cost replacement or rebuild. I do need it to be reliable as it's my DD, and also looking to sell in the next few months and don't want to sell it thinking it can break down any day

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    You might want to see about calling some local mechanics. Are you looking for just a used tranny or a rebuild with a warranty? I recently had to replace the tranny on my lady's VW and Import Auto in Kearny Mesa was able to source a used transmission for a decent price.

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