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Thread: Can I put too much fluid in my Dana 20 t-case?

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    Default Can I put too much fluid in my Dana 20 t-case?

    I decided to top off the fluids in my T-150 and Dana 20. I thought it would be easier to just take off the shifter on the T-150 and fill it until fluid started coming out the fill plug. Check. After that, I went to the t-case and took off the fill nut (to top it off) and fluid started flowing out. I let most of it out thinking it would not be good for the t-case to be overfilled. It sure looks like the two components share fluid but it might be allowing the tranny to run a little low. Can/should I refill the tranny and keep the t-case a little over full?
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    They don't share fluid. However, I have recently read on this forum that there were two different rear seals offered between the Dana 20 and tranny. I know mine do not share fluid. You don't want to over fill either the tranny or the t-case.
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    There should be seals between the two, of course if it leaks, they will share fluid. I had a 71' chevy with auto trans and np 205 t-case that leaked atf from the rear output shaft, I drove it like that for a couple of years adding some atf to the trans every month or so. They shared the atf. Moral of the story: if it concerns you, you will have to drop the t-case to swap in new seals.
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    Usually that is a sign of bad seals I just replaced mine on a d300, not much of a job.

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    I would probably fix the problem. When I first put my CJ together I had a similar problem that ended in disaster. It seems that a seal had been installed backwards in the adapter between my NV4500 and Model 18 transfercase. It was allowing the fluid to flow into the transfercase but not back into the transmission. I noticed that the T-case was over filled and was bleeding fluid out the vent tube but I couldn't figure out why. I never bothered to check the transmission because I knew I had filled it and I knew there was a seal between the two. I ended up frying the front input bearing in the tranny because it got starved for oil. Luckily there was enough in the trans that the rest of the bearings and gears were no worse for wear but it was a valuable lesson!

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