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Thread: 3rd row seat stuck down

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    Default 3rd row seat stuck down

    Anyone had the third row seat get stuck in the down position? I never use the third row seat, but I was cleaning the Jeep out this past weekend and decided to vacuum under the seats. The left side third row seat is stuck. Apparently the seatbelt won't release tension so it only goes up about 30 degrees. I can't find any way to manually release it aside from cutting the seat belt. Anyone know any trick to it?

    I've had this Jeep since 2006, (it's probably about the 10th Jeep I've owned). I don't think I've ever owned a bigger POS vehicle in my life. It's all I can do to not just set it on fire beside the road.

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    yes, we bought my wife an 06 Commander and it had the same problem. one of the 3rd row seat would not pick up so i unscrewwed the bolt holding the seatbelt and that's how i got it to pick up. i'm not sure if there is a recall for this, but I'm going to check.


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