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Thread: YJ/TJ seat compatibility

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    The driver's seat in my '87 YJ is completely screwed up... there is a popped weld in the frame on the right rear. It wobbles when you sit in it. It wont slide forward or anything. I was wondering if the seat and bracket from any year YJ would work, or if I could just unbolt the whole assembly from any YJ or TJ. Thanks.

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    I just bought some aftermarket seats and they will bolt into 7?-94 or 95 but needed a adapter bracket for newer than that. So you would need to do something custom to mount the newer seats. They are pretty strait forward seats so I wouldn't be surprised if it was just drilling a couple new holes.
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    I used a custom plate to mount 2 seats from a 90's Toyota MR2 in my YJ. You will sit higher but the comfort is way better.

    Keep the sliders of any donor seats you want to install if you go this route.
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