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Thread: Commander fender flares

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    Default Commander fender flares

    hello everyone, I'm a new member. Just wondering if anybody knows of a good fender flare i can put on my commander. going to be lifting it 4'' with 33's. I wanted to put wheel spacers on so the wheels stick out, then put a good 4'' fender flare on it. can anyone help?

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    No one currently makes an after market fender flare for the XK. Good luck with your lift and tires. Your gonna love how it looks once completed!

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    Default This Is My Kind Of Question.

    Submitted this same question via three other forums. Countless fender flare makes (bushwacker, warn etc) and all have said that there isn't enough of a need or market for these flares..

    Personally, a friend of mine and I have designed some flares for the Commander as well as the wrangler models. Trouble is it would cost roughly 50,000 just to create the mold.. then approaching a company to create the flare is another story.

    So if we ever hit the lotto.. you'll be the first to know about the "new" flares once we have the mold..


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