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Thread: Good Repair Shop In Baltimore, MD

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    Default Good Repair Shop In Baltimore, MD

    I just bought a 2006 Commander and was wondering if anyone had a recommendation of a good repair shop in the Baltimore area.

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    Want a dealer or independant? Adams Jeep in Aberdeen (not the Annapolis one) is very aftermarket friendly...4108795800 if you want independant, I know lots northeast of the city in Harford county
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    Default Different Shops For Different Needs.

    We here at Our JeepLife tend to spread the wealth.. Not staying to long at just one shop over another.

    Breaks, Mufflers: Midas Service Centers of Maryland
    Tires, Shocks & Struts: Sears Auto Repair Shops
    DriveTrain: AAMCO Shops Of Maryland
    Oil Change & Service: Valvoline Instant Oil Service stations (These guys rock and you never have to leave the Jeep)

    As for anything else

    Advanced Auto, Auto Zone or even your local parts store can help with minor repairs.

    Best thing I can tell you.. Is talk to the guys in the shop not just the manager.. see if the down and dirty workers actually know what they are talking about, create a re-pore with them on days you don't have anything to repair.

    If one or two shops agree with you, do a write up on a web site and vice versa. Believe me when a company learns you have a site and your writing something good or bad about them. They will do their best to satisfy you.
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    if you want an independant thats a jeep tech and does quality work at great prices from the comfort of his home let me know. every jeep i have owned i take to him to look over everything and he replaces and fixes any issues with factory parts. PM ME for contact info.
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