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Thread: Factory Block Heater

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    That is exactly what I have done, got an outdoor timer and set it for an hour before I leave. Works like a charm. We will have to see what happens when we get below zero... that won't be long now!
    Thanks everyone for your input.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JForestZ34 View Post
    I don't have one on my jeep but I had one on a car I used to own... Find yourself a heavy duty outdoor timer, something for landscaping light or something... Plug in your extension cord and plug it into your jeep.. Set the timer for 3-4 hrs before your going to leave for work or whatever.. That way it's not on all night and in that amount of time the engine will be as warm as it's gonna get... Save's on the electric bill too..

    Now that you mention it, at times I used a timer. Depending on how cold it was.
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