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    Started in the XJ forum way back when to help me maintain and "hot rod" my wife's '95XJ (i was driving a '90 Diplomat HwyPatrol wth a crate 360) Then she got an '02 WJ 4.7 and I got the XJ. Now she gets the new Commander 3.7 and I get her old super fast hot rodder WJ.
    The XK is a bare bones '09 with 23K miles because we want to keep monthly payments under $300 so our family can still vacation and save money for three educations and our retirement. At first I had visions of the Hemi, Navigation,etc . etc . . but I am really loving this new ride!!(and the $21k it cost us). The dealer provides us with free loaner cars on service, free lifetime oil/filter/, 24hr roadside, and free NYS inspections all free and lifetime.
    Of course I'm looking forward to upgrade any shortcommings and faults that are inevitable with any vehicle as well as repair and maitenance issues. So thanks for all of your help in the past and future. It has been and will always be invaluable.
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    '02 Black WJ 4.7L V8, selec-trac built by TCU, Fastman TB, FIPK, TransGo D2, DBA Rotors, Revo2 p255/70/16's, Bilstein H/D's, TCU Built 242HD sentenced, Eibach anti-roll bars, NGK Iridium #6441, DA: Hayden trans Cooler #678, Wicked Alpine/Focal audio. Michael Barletta

    '09 XK 3.7 Revo2 p255/65/17, ebay dvd headrests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sport fanatic View Post
    (i was driving a '90 Diplomat HwyPatrol wth a crate 360)
    They didn't make Diplomat's in 1990.

    Now that that's out of the way, if you really want info on the Commander, check out:
    1996 ZJ Laredo 4.0L 42RE NV242


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