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    Default Too tight

    I overtorqued some bolts....installing Bilstein shocks. Mixed up the upper and lower specs. Should I :
    a) leave 'em alone. Everthing works fine.
    b) back 'em out, re-torque
    c) back 'em all the way out, replace, re-torque?

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    i would loosen them then re-torque, otherwise they may bind up.
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    just use an impact gun until they dont' turn anymore
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    The shocks won't bind up if you overtorque the bolts. The only reason there are torque specs on the bolts is to prevent the bushings from failing due to compressive stress. That being said, I used an impact wrench when tightening the bolts on my new shocks and have not had one problem (I've checked the shocks multiple times and the bushings are fine) in the last 20,000 miles that I've had them. I think it's better for the bolts to be a little too tight than too loose because if they're too loose, the vibrations and bumps that they experience will eventually loosen them up to the point where you'll get clunks. Hope this helps.

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