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Thread: cj/yj half doors on a tj?

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    Icon920 cj/yj half doors on a tj?

    will the bottom half of the doors work?

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    I have been told you need to relocate and change the part on the tub for it to work but, that is merely hearsay.

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    i would guess you would have to modify the striker on the tub or the assembly on the door

    my CJ-7 half doors are a perfect fit (hinges line up, door lines line up) but the latches are nowhere near the same
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    There are a few differences that you need to consider.

    1. Striker type and position. The TJ uses a loop striker and the CJ/YJ uses a pin. Here's a photo of a YJ half door on a TJ. I've heard of some people being successful by removing the TJ loop striker and attaching a CJ/YJ pin striker in the upper hole that was used for the TJ striker, it looks to me like they'd line up pretty well.

    2. Half doors: position of inside door latch. This one is annoying - the photo is of the same YJ half door on a TJ, you can see that you can't open the door. Some people cut the lever shorter so it clears the dash.

    3. The stock YJ uppers have square top rear corners, so they won't fit. The best idea I've seen here is to adapt TJ uppers to the YJ doors, but there are complications - one or more of the pins that slide into the holes in the doors are in different places on the TJ uppers, so you'd need to move them. Also, they use different methods of sealing the bottom of the upper to the top of the door, so you'd have to work through that. Complicating this is the fact that the wireframe is sewn inside the TJ upper (the YJ uppers I have use velco to enclose the frame), so any mods you'd need to make to the frame to fit into the YJ pin holes would involve sewing.

    And while I'm on the subject...

    CJ/YJ hard doors have the same striker problem of course, and some weatherstrip/inside trim issues with the TJ, these may be solvable, but the annoying problem with CJ/YJ full doors on a TJ is that the window crank hits the dash, so if you plan on rolling down the windows, you'll have to remove the TJ speaker pods from the dash.

    I hope this helps.
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