If you're considering Rough Country shocks, don't use the boots!

The shocks themselves ride rough by the way... what did I expect for the money, right? And my second clue should have been the company name "ROUGH Country."

So that's on me. Lesson learned.

But when I ordered my 8000's two years ago, Iron Rock was more than willing to sell the matching boots. Rough Country even sells the boots on their website, with no disclaimer, but they're real proud of the "lifetime warranty" on the shocks.

Turns out, Rough Country has decided internally that they'll no longer honor the lifetime warranty for any shocks used with THEIR boots, because it traps moisture and ruins the shock.

I found this out today when trying to get my rear shocks replaced; they've lost all hold whatsoever on the rear end.

Obviously, a reasonable question is "Why sell the boots if they void your own warranty?"

Dave, the sales manager at Rough Country gave the profound answer: "Some guys still want the boots."

Oh, I see. It's costing me $42 dollars to buy two new shocks plus the $8 for the boots which should have never even been offered w/o a disclaimer. That's $50 dollars out of my pocket so "some guy" could have a boot when he demanded it?

Seemed to make sense to Dave. Maybe $50 dollars is not that much to him, but it is to me. He went onto talk about differing opinions between parts houses, some think the boots work, they "hate" the boots and are trying to get rid of them altogether from the shock scene.

That's the way to treat customers, Rough Country! As a company, you think boots are detrimental to shocks, but just so you can get rid of the boots, you'll continue selling them without any warning of poor results and busted warranty!

Let me spell this out: T-H-A-T'S S-A-R-C-A-S-M, DAVE!

Guess what?!?! Not everyone is a shock genius, maybe you experts should do you're freaking job and inform us when the boots we're about to buy are going to destroy our stuff and end up costing us more money in the long run?

Enjoy my $50. It's the last you'll ever see from me.