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Thread: Serpentine Belt Choking Engine, draining battery

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    Default Serpentine Belt Choking Engine, draining battery

    I was overheating, I changed the thermostat/housing, radiator and hoses, temperature sensor for electric fan, and water pump and flushed the cooling system with a T kit and Prestone super flush.

    When I changed the thermostat I got antifreeze all over my belt and pulleys, a lot, it squeaked but it went away. Anyhow, I was trying to solve an overheating problem which I did in the record breaking 103 degree Austin, TX heat. Awesome. That's saying something especially considering that I drove around on a bad belt for about 40 minutes which I didn't notice but the mechanical fan was weak and should have been the first sign.

    The mechanical fan was barely turning, alternator, everything connected to the belt was moving slowly. I almost had a dead battery. I parked it and I thought I needed it tighter so I adjusted the tension er and tightened the idler pulley and I almost choked the engine. I stopped, then I let the tension lose and it just proceeds to run rough, jumping and stuff.

    I have a idler pulley on my 1996 Jeep Cherokee I6. FIrst, you adjust the idler pulley screw, then adjust the 7 inch tensioner screw(behind pulley on bracket) that the idler pulley slides on to adjust tension. that I used to adjust tension. I have notice the idler pulley looks a little uneven but I can't be sure.

    My pulleys look a bit shiny but they already looked fairly shiny. I am going to wash the pulleys and belt with soap and try it one more time.

    Then I'm going to wash the pulleys again and buy a new belt and idler pulley.

    Is there any kind of lubricant to use on the pulleys. What can I do, the engine was running fine until I did the thermostat and water pump. Also, all the pulleys trn really easy except the water pump has a little resistance but can still be turned fairly easily.

    Picture of my Belt Pulley System

    It's the picture above G97E04062

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    Well as far as lubricant goes, they do sell belt dressing at any auto parts store but I'm not sure that'd solve your problem. I'd just go ahead and change the belt and see what that does. The fact that you changed the water pump and everything is turning slowly now makes me wonder if the bearings in the pump are working properly.
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