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    Hi there,

    I just joined this forum to ask some questions about an old jeep I found way back in the woods on the island I live on. It looks like it's been out there awhile, it's covered by a tarp with a good inch of moss growing on top. The area is well drained (side of a mountain), so i wouldn't have been sitting in water, and from what I saw when I nosed around it looked fairly un-rusty. What i'm wondering is, in this condition, how much would this thing be worth? I'm going to se if i can find the owner of the land and ask about the jeep, see what he wants for it.

    I've only had experiance with classic bugs, so this is all new to me.

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    Looks to be a military model, M-38? Any ID plates on the dash or engine cowl? A VIN would tell alot. Kinda hard to tell the "true" condition from the pics shown. Might want to crawl under and see what the frame and underside of tub looks like. Pay attention to the hat channels on the underside of the body, and where the body mounts are located... So, what island are you on? OBTW, welcome!!
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    I'll have to go back to check for ID #'s and crawl around a little more. I was in a skirt that day, makes scrounging a little difficult.

    I'm on Bowen Island, BC, Canada. It's tiny, noone's heard of it.

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    grill looks m38,,sunken headlights
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    very very cool, I couldn't imagine walkin through the woods and findin something like that. That's awesome, good luck with the owner
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    Default Welcome

    I'll add my welcome as well. From the pics I was going to guess Bowen or one of the Gulf Islands. You might be surprised who you run into on a Jeep forum. Keep us posted if you acquire the Jeep.

    I'm going to guess it is a military M38, again with the recessed head lights. Like the others have warned, get undeneath and have a look at the frame and the body mounts. Rust repair can be a time and money consuming task.


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    It looks like the Willys Jeep M38A1 stock military.
    With a T-90 3-speed Trans with the Dana 18 transfer case, No Overdrive.
    F-head 4 Cylinder Engine.

    The Military Data Plates should be on the passengers side of dash.

    Very nice find, I do enjoy the old 4 banger sound on the trails just puttering along, no real horsepower but gets you there.

    Axles should be the 10-spline axles, 5.38:1 ratio, Dana 25 front, Dana 44 rear.

    I have a 1956 Willys CJ-5 but modified with a Chevy v8 powerplant.
    Your M-38A1 Jeeps started being built in 1953 with the Military.

    I like to see the old jeeps with the Canvas original tops, not much for keeping the rain water out, but smells good when driving them.

    Hope you get to enjoy its benefits.
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    Bumping this great "barn find" thread in hopes that someone has an update on it?

    Anyone see it on another site, as I see the OP only has these 2 posts?


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    That is one of those extremely rare finds, like pulling back the branches and finding a piece of true history, I'm betting some surley private put those tires on there, it looks original military right to the ground, what a lucky lucky find.

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    G503 is a great military site with info on this m38a1

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    agree, military with the headlights recessed and the protectors. good find. shouldnt have to pay to much for it. after all it doesnt look like any one was doing anything with it. then again when you ask how much then he might think he has a gold mine.

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    Out in the woods, covered up, almost looks like it was hidden there. I have to wonder if it wasn't stolen. If it isn't close to any ones habitation I would really wonder about it being hot. Looks really good for sitting out in the woods for apparently a long time. I'd like to snag it.
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    I'm closing this thread, as the OP hasn't updated it in 2 years.
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