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Thread: Lift kit/ waranty questions

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    Default Lift kit/ waranty questions

    I just bought an '09 commander limited, It will see some moderate 4-wheeling and I would like to put a lift kit on it. Nothing crazy, just 2"-3". Does anybody know of any dealers that would install a lift? If I install a lift will it void my warranty? and I'd love to get any recommendations on a low cost lift system.
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    talk to your dealer and have them install it.

    get an old man emu 2" lift. its pricey, but well worth it.

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    most dealers will void your warrenty once you lift it, you need to talk to them before you do. i know mine was void on my commander and my tj once the lifts were put on.

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    they cant void your warranty they hafta prove that the lift caused the problem read this
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeepinmichguy View Post
    most dealers will void your warrenty once you lift it, you need to talk to them before you do. i know mine was void on my commander and my tj once the lifts were put on.
    I lifted mine and know dozens of people with lifted Commander, so far NO warranties have been voided due to the lift.

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    A dealer CANNOT void your warranty! If they say they can they are liars or don't know what they are talking about.

    I second using OME parts. I have had springs/shocks on my 01 TJ for 6 years now and they ride the same as they did when new. Awesome products, well worth a little extra money.
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    Ok, actually, they can void specific PARTS of the wrranty, unless they can prove the vehicle was grossly abused. If you come in with a wornout driveshaft and you have a lift, they CAN say its your fault and that the lift did strange things to the angle etc... if you can in and your radio stops working, they can't blame it on the lift etc.... they also have to prove it failed as they say it did.
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