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Thread: Changed radiator and the car won't start

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    Default Changed radiator and the car won't start

    I found a crack on radiator and replaced with new yesterday on my 99 WJ 4.0I tightened everything up and fill new coolant but when I tried starting the car the car won't idle. I had to press gas to start and when i release gas, the engine would die.

    So I resetted the battery and tried again. It started okay for a while but now it was overheating. I quickly turned off the engine to cool, and tried again after 15 minutes. But now, the car would not start again. Battery is okay as interior lights are on, but when I try to start, it just clicks...

    What's happening here? I don't think this should happen just because of new radiator??

    Please help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeepWJ99 View Post

    What's happening here? I don't think this should happen just because of new radiator??
    A new radiator won't cause the non start but a week battery or loose bat connection can. The int lights don't need much to run, the bat may be able to run them but not have enough to start the motor. Did u unplug any wire connections for access to the rad? Did u accidentally knock any wire or vacuum connections loose while under the hood? I would suspect the bat or cable conn first due to the fact it started earlier. I would try jump starting it first, that will tell u if its the bat or something else. As far as the over heating u may have air bubbles trapped inside the cooling system. My v8 grand has a bleed screw on top of the thermostat housing, check your I6 for one. Working in a body shop we sometimes have to lift the front of a car to allow the system to fill properly. U can try jacking up the front or pulling it up on an incline to get the front up a couple feet or more if possable. This will allow the air to work its way up to the rad and out the fill cap.
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    Overheating could be because you didn't bleed air out of system. Does the 4.0 have a bleed screw? If not then you need to start it stone cold with the cap off and squeeze the top hose a bunch and add coolant. DO NOT DO THIS WITH ANYTHING BUT A STONE COLD ENGINE.


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