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Thread: Question on CJ5 or CJ7

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    Icon91 Question on CJ5 or CJ7

    Well wife and I are looking for a CJ5 or CJ7. I live in California. I hear no smog on pre-1975. Which sounds like less hassle? If I wanted something newer (IE; 76-80) and wanted one out of state how does smog work? Do they smog it by California rules? Or? How tough is it?

    Any anyput would be nice!

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    1976 was the first year for a CJ-7. I'm pretty sure you have to get a California vehicle. Why a CJ? (Not to say anything wrong with it, they are harder to live with, though. You have to WANT to have a CJ to keep one) Not knowing why you want a CJ, I would suggest a Wrangler, they are more user friendly. Of course, take that FWIW, I drive a non-smog CJ-5...

    Look for one with current CA smog.

    Another thought, you could get a 49 states later CJ-7, and install a CA fuel injection system (Howell, Mopar MPFI) and I believe you get a CA sticker with it (if you buy the CA model).
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    Im in CA also, I currently have a 75 cj5 no smog. No smog is nice but i would go with a cj7 over a wrangler but that just my preferance..
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    just a head's up, I believe the seller of the vehicle in California has to legally provide a SMOG certificate to the buyer. definately a good thing if it will smog at the beginning of your ownership
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    I believe that you don't have to smog for the sales transaction as well as biannual smog if '75 or earlier. You are allowed to buy an out of state vehicle, but you can't bring in a "new" (less than 7500 miles) vehicle unless it is smogged. The DMV's website is really weak on old vehilcle classification, but the following links may help.

    Out of State Vehicle Requirements:

    Smog Rules

    As a CJ5 owner, I would smog my jeep every two years for the extra 10" of a CJ7. On the other hand, I just did a valve job in order to get mine smogged. If cash is an issue, you may want to go older and stay in the CJ5.

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