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Thread: ZJ water leak sriver's side FOUND

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    Default ZJ water leak sriver's side FOUND

    Just wanted to post this up, for those who have a persistent water leak on the driver's side floor. I thought it was snow melting off the floor mat but after leaving the mat out with no snow for a few weeks the floor was still wet from rains. Looking around, I found no water leaking from under the dash (winshield area). I replaced the water gutter molding on the top of the door opening but that wasn't it. Finally I removed the screws on the doorsill molding and found one of them rusty...a clue. Then it rained today and I opened the drivers door to check and found the water was running over the top of the weatherstrip that goes around the driver's door opening. The rubber must of relaxed to the point where it just doesn't seal enough. You could see the water running over the top of the rubber and going between the rubber and the plastic threshold molding. So it's off to the dealer for a new weatherstrip.
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    hmmm another thing I guess Im gonna have to check. I was really hopin it was melted snow comin off my floormats since I normally have like a gallon of water sitting in them lol. thanks for the info!
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    Yeah, how bout it Haymaker. LOL I have same problem. It aint snow. I'll check that weatherstrip. Mine comes in right in front of the foot-rest. It made the mount rusty. Luckily my floor seems to be sealed real good or would be rusty too. Everytime it rains hard enough I have to bail it. I removed the carpet a year ago. I'd like to put it back in. Anybody else got any ideas what else this could be?
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