The various JU For Sale and Wanted to Buy forums are designed for the general JU user to buy and sell their personal wares. As such, please abide by these rules.

1. CAPS LOCK Turn it off. Don't use it. No one likes being yelled at and by typing in all caps, this is the internet equivalent of yelling. We don't like being yelled at. I'm sure you don't either.

2. Post the item's location and a price The easiest way is to update your profile with your location. If you don't want to put your location in your profile, make sure it is in the for sale or wanted to buy post. Many times, shipping is involved and this helps people avoid wasting their time on parts that are cross-country.

3. No unauthorized commercial sales Commercial posts will be deleted and warnings/infractions issued. If you are interested in becoming a sponsoring vendor, please PM any moderator or administrator.

4. Only post something for sale that you personally own If you don't own it, don't list it for sale. This includes eBay listings, Craigslist posts, etc that are not yours.

5. BTT Anyone who BTT's their post excessively will have the thread locked or deleted. Excessive is defined as more than once per day.

6. Inactive threads Inactive threads more than 6 months old will be periodical purged from the forum.

7. Do not reply to spam If you see a thread that you believe to be spam, do not reply to the thread. In the lower left hand corner is a link to report a post. Click this icon and the forum staff will be notified of the reported post.

8. Thread/Sale Hijacking Don't post in someones thread about control arms for a TJ that you have some too and will sell them cheaper. That is just plain wrong. Any other post like this is wrong as well. If you want to sell something, then sell it in your own thread!

9. Criticizing Prices/Etc If somebody advertises a 100 MHZ Pentium processor for 1000 dollars, don't say anything. It is their right. What I would recommend doing is sending a 'polite' PM stating that you can pick them up as paperweights for 1 dollar at the corner pawn shop.

10. Don't Argue with Mod's! If you are mad at the way a situation was handled, thats fine. Don't send a PM stating "bullsh*t this", or "that was a stupid move you made!" We will respond in the manner that we were talked to. Get an attitude and I doubt you will get a nice response. Nicely explain your thoughts and concerns and you will get a nice response as well!

11. Members information is private JU can not and will not provide IP addresses or personal information about the buyer or seller if there is a dispute. Sales conducted here are buyer beware. If you have concerns about a purchase, do it in person. Hard to be ripped off in person.

12. Piracy The pirating of copyrighted information is strictly prohibited. This includes Factory Service Manuals, CarFax reports, Owner's Manuals, etc. True, physical, paper copies of copyright documents can be sold and traded here.