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Thread: HELP, anwering some questions

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    Good article. As I said earlier, the springs is what it comes down to in terms of root cause. Skyjacker makes too stiff of a spring period. Any bounce, jump, etc. with these springs will make anything uncomfortable.
    As the article says, that other "force" it's referring to in the second paragraph, is the weight of an objects mass (how much your rig weighs) "x" the normal force of gravity (technically, momentum, friction {air resistance} needs to be taken into account for as well). The opposing forces will counter act and re-coil until an equilibrium point is reach. That's where the shock comes in, the fluid transfers this kinetic energy in the fluid displacement/heat (Fluids and dynamics 101). the only way to control it, is any type of dampener.
    BTW, most shocks that come in the box from "suspension kits" are all the same with different stickers for the most part and every manufacturer took the lowest bid from the sub-contracting vendor. What your paying for in a kit is the engineering & manufacturing that went into designing the kit, control arms, dropped pitman arm length, torsion bar lenghts, control arms etc. not the shocks I assure you.
    The main reason I went with reservior shocks, is because the volume of the fluid displacement takes up in the shock is transfered into another reservior which allows for more travel in the piston of the shock. Yes, if you want to go extreme and travel 100 mph. over jumps in the dunes, join Baja and get the full extreme of a remote reservior shock like the 9000XL's or see what flex really means on the rocks, that's where it will truly shine. But, take another look at the 5150 remote reservior compared to the 9000XL's... c'mon you think this shock is engineering for the same type of cycle?
    In my closing statement I said: "What it all comes down to is, it all depends on what you want out of your suspension. Extreme rock krawling or moderate wheeling." For moderate wheeling the 5100's would probably be an excellent choice. If you want to jump over the rail road tracks on the way to go wheeling and drive faster over the bumps & ruts on the access trails get the 5150's, if you want to make 10' jumps over 100mph go all out and get the full coilovers and be ready to pay $$$. Your suspension is something that will affect your Jeep no matter what your doing or where you are going. I think it's worth the extra bucks to get there comfortably and enjoy your ride.

    So, the second question. IMO change all your fluids. F/R diffs, trany & trans. Check all joints and re-grease.
    Third, don't change your gear ratio unless you need all the extra torque. With the tire size your running 32" it's not necessary. There isn't much difference in rolling mass weight and you've only gained .50" of ground clearance.
    ......okay, I'm done writing this book, hope it helped.

    2005 LJ Rubicon, Corbeau Baja RS seats, 3.5" Rubicon Express Long Arm, Bilstein 5150 Series reservoir shocks, Campbell Enterprise hood, WARN 8250 winch, Currie Anti-Rock, Currie CurrectLync steering, ROKMEN full-corners-rocker guards- gas tank skid, Detroit Rear locker - Stock front, 4:88 gears, Alloy USA chromy's front & rear, 37" IROKS

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