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Thread: Snow in the UK

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    Default Snow in the UK

    Just in case anyone was wondering what the UK looks like with snow, here's a couple pictures from North Yorkshire.

    1. This is what the UK normally looks like from around where I'm living:

    2. This was the little town nearby after the first day of snow:

    3. Had to get out and play on one of the back roads on the way to work:

    4. The road to the house. Obviously we got a little snowdrift action going on!

    Being from the UP of MI, this isn't much snow and I've been having fun--for the UK, this is a lot! In fact its more than I've seen in five years living in the UK (two back in 90-92, three this time). Yes, I know it's not a 97 TJ--sold that before coming to the UK. Bought an 06 Unlimited which will be returning with me in April!

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    Wow! With this warming going on, it's been a long time I have seen that much snow in UK... Keep these photos for future generations to see


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