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Thread: Unclogging Sunroof Drains?

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    Default Unclogging Sunroof Drains?

    Hello All.

    I have an '05 Liberty with a sunroof that was installed at the time of purchase through the dealership via a 3rd party installer. So it's not a factory sunroof, however, the dealership took care of having it installed. Needless to say, I've never done any maintenance to it in any way and now it appears to be leaking. It seems to leak intermittently and I started noticing dried water marks on my passenger seat. Well I finally got into it the other day while it was pouring out and found water leaking out of the passenger side headliner near the window. I bought it to the dealer and they are going to take a look at it. They said they can check and clean the drain holes if they are clogged. If they are clogged, it's going to cost $120 to have them unclogged. Has anyone ever unclogged or cleaned their sunroof drain holes? I found some info on how to do this on a Volkswagen sunroof and it didn't look extremely difficult. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the Liberty drain holes.


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    If the "aftermarket" sunroof installer didn't run the drain lines all the way into the B pillar, then you are screwed. You HAVE to pull down the headliner to get to them. There's a slight possiblity you could add some very low pressure to the drains and blow out what's in there. Maybe a industrial shop vac with a the hose hooked to the outflow. You could step down the outflow and use that to apply low pressure to the drain holes. It's worth a try but keep the pressure WAY down. Otherwise, you'll blow off the hoses above the headliner.

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    Thanks for reply.

    I've checked the front sunroof drain holes and they are clear. I poured some water down each one and found that the passenger side hole drains very slow, but it does drain out of the car. So I'm guessing the leaking is happening when it rains really hard and the drainage can't keep up. The driver side drained right out with no problem. I can see where the water is coming out at the bottom of the car, but it's dripping from the bottom of the door frame (this is the same on both sides). I've looked for drain plugs in the door jam but I don't see any. Anyone know where the plugs might be? It seems like there might be some small clogging in the tube or maybe at the drain plug itself.



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